WE COULD all learn a lot from grandmother Trish Wagstaff.

During her life she has leapt out of a plane, swam alongside sharks, and raised more than £120,000 for Oxford’s Sobell House Hospice.

And at the age of 83, she has no plans to retire from her annual crazy challenges and tireless fundraising.

We only get one life, and Trish has proved how we should make every single day count.

Some of us are privileged to live long, happy lives.

But others do not. And many live with seriously life-limiting illnesses that hinder them from following their dreams and living life to the full.

Trish will be diving from a plane, falling thousands of feet, for the second time this month – all to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, the UK’s largest children’s hospital.

Not only is she doing whatever she can to raise money for for sick and injured children, including some who might not ever see adulthood, but she is also embracing her own life.

Trish has not decided that, at nearly 84, she should be spending more time in her armchair and less time paragliding and whizzing down zipwires at top speed.

She has grabbed life by both hands, determined to do as much as she can while she still feels able.

Can you think of something entirely outrageous or incredible you have done this year?

If not, take a leaf out of Trish’s book and try something new. She is an inspiration to us all.