THE transport system is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions, and it needs to change radically and rapidly in order to help tackle climate change.

Any investment the Government makes in transport infrastructure from now on should aim to produce the biggest possible shift to a zero carbon transport system.

So, this month, I contributed to the East West Rail consultation and urged them to make their new line at least electrification-ready, rather than designing it for diesel trains.

East West Rail has the power to recommend to the Government that electrification of the new line is the best option, for our planet and our people.

Electrification of the line is almost certainly going to happen at some point, so rather than spend more public money electrifying the line later, why not do it now and get it right first time?

I‘ve urged East West Rail to be as ambitious in their plans as possible. The project poses a huge opportunity.

Another example of the kind of project we should be investing in is the B4044 Community Path between Botley and Eynsham.

Along with Oxfordshire County Council and the Vale of White Horse District Council, I put forward an application for Government funding for the project.

I also promoted the scheme in a question to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in the House of Commons last week.

It is exactly the kind of active travel initiative we need more of in Oxfordshire, and now that we have a new administration in place at the county council there is a more positive approach to such schemes.

The link would provide a sustainable transport option, with better safety for cyclists and pedestrians on this key route linking local villages and the city.

Approving this application is a no brainer. The Government must back this brilliant plan.

The Liberal Democrats are committed to investing in green active transport, making existing transport greener and creating better, greener transport in Oxfordshire.

If we want a zero carbon Oxfordshire by 2050, then we need to invest in schemes such as the B4044 cycle link.

I hope the Government sees sense, supports the electrification of East West Rail and provides funding to the B4044 Community Path.

These are great, green projects that deserve Whitehall’s backing and will help decarbonise our local transport system.

It’s time for our infrastructure to catch up with our ambition to tackle this climate emergency.