Our environment around us is deadly important. Literally. We need to not only take care of ourselves and others, but also take care of other critical necessities like trees. Trees are what keep us alive and we really have to start thinking about how we can prevent so many from being destroyed.

Trees are important to us. They are a crucial part of our lives. However, a massive quantity of trees are destroyed every year in order to provide us with things like: open land, key resources, and mainly to make space for housing. All of these things are necessities, they are things we can't live without. But we also can't live without trees. They provide us with oxygen to help us to breathe and they are therefore, vital for human existence.

Each year, a substantial amount of houses are being built on top of woodland-existing areas. However, by building these houses, a significant amount of the population is being provided with a roof over their heads. Although this is seen as a great positive, there are many downsides if we start to destroy too much or nature. For example, shocking amounts of energy are used when building houses and when civilians start to live in them, even more electricity is used (mainly the use of heating and cooking). This therefore leads to more carbon emissions added to the air which leaves a massive carbon footprint which is damaging the environment even more. Everywhere we look trees are falling down and housing is going up. Local dog walker Alan from grove stated "Everytime I go out with the dog, there is always something about nature that reminds me of my childhood. It's sad to think it will all one day disappear." This represents that not only does the increase of building houses have a bad effect on the environment, but we are also destroying people's memories. We overall, must think of solutions that will help save the trees and the environment they are within.

Additionally, another major problem with deforestation is the consequences that we receive after it has taken place. For example, many animals lose their habitats because items like twigs, leaves or even the trees themselves provide shelter for 70% of land animals. Furthermore, greenhouse gases increase massively every time a tree is cut down. All trees absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere then release Oxygen to help us breathe. Overall, deforested areas lose this ability making it harder for us to live. 

We should all start to think a little more about our environment and what surrounds us, as well as how important all nature is around us. Not only how important it is, but also the beauty of it and how crucial it is that we don't harm too much of it too quickly.