In recent months many unions have been on strike from railway workers to nurses, even Welsh Rugby players threatening to strike during the Six Nations Championship over their contracts. But one that’s closer to home, for the first time since 2016 teachers are striking, the first strike happening on 1st February and more are happening in different areas in the coming weeks (28th February, 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th March). The teacher strikes have been announced in England and Wales by the National Education Union (NEU) the reasons behind the strike are due to a ‘toxic mix of low pay and excessive workload’ Joint general secretaries of the NEU Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney said in a statement ‘This is not about a pay rise but correcting historic real-terms pay cuts.' The NEU has said that individual schools will only be affected by four of the seven announced days.


The National strikes are on: 

Wednesday 1st February- England and Wales 

Tuesday 14th February- Wales

Wednesday 15th March - England and Wales 

Thursday 16th March- England and Wales 


The Regional strikes are on:

Tuesday 28th February - Northern, North West, Yorkshire and

the Humber regions

Wednesday 1st March- East Midlands, West Midlands, and Eastern regions

Thursday 2nd March- London, South East and South West regions 


How will these strikes affect students? Many schools are only making certain years come in like year 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13. And as exam season creeps nearer and nearer many parents and students alike are concerned about their learning and exams. The NEU estimates that 85% of schools across England and Wales will be fully or partially closed; that's 23,000 schools will be affected, the decision of whether schools close or not and how they consolidate the learning missed is up to the headteacher of the school. Schools have been instructed to prioritize any students with assessments or exams. 


I asked some students on their opinion on the strikes,

Marta, aged 15, says ‘I would say they’re a positive thing that will help teaching in the long run, and it’s important that teachers are treated well so we don’t have a lack of them in the future’ 


‘I think its quite good to have a break but generally I think that it’s quite bad for students since they can lose some important learning skills but if it’s only for one day then I don’t think it’s too bad’ says Jess in year 7 


There are many varying opinions on the teachers strikes and other strikes happening in the UK and around the world whether they are beneficial or not these are just a select few.