The planet as we speak, is dying. Around 3% of land is untouched by humans. However, the other 97% is continuing to be destroyed by our actions. Such as Agriculture, over population, plastic production, emission of greenhouse gasses, biodiversity and deforestation. For example, increased biodiversity is killing animals and destroying habitats ultimately causing them to become extinct. One such affliction is to one of the most important species such as the Bee, unfortunately their population is dramatically decreasing because of habitat loss. Our actions not only affect living species but can result in ourselves becoming harmed and endangered. Everyone is involved.

Although one single person may not think dropping plastic on the ground is bad but, 30  million tonnes of litter is picked up off the street every year which then goes into land fill. Matt Dibden a citizen in Wantage states "I don't think humans realise the extent of danger currently living species and the planet is in. Our lives and those of our future are at risk so we need to act now, every little helps." He also expresses later in the interview that "Humanity doesn’t care about the planet, we take it for granted. However future generations will pay the price of living in a toxic environment." If our actions of destroying the eco system continues, It will result in food shortages, temperatures will rise, species will die out, pollution will become a danger to our health and may deeply affect people with lung problems such as asthma.

How can local communities help like Wantage? Using renewable energy such as solar panels to cut down on using up energy and take power from the Sun, a natural and free source of energy. Start cutting down on plastic usage such as using paper bags, switching to an electric car which will be a legal requirement in 2030, Use renewable products such as plastic bottles, buy second hand clothes and attend local markets for fresh food.

By helping out and making sure the community is a clean and fresh place, you are playing your part in saving the planet. How will you act?