Schools around the UK have been facing student protests on their rights that are given whilst being on school grounds.

The students feel they have not been heard from teachers and this has resulted in the protests in different schools. Some of the things they are protesting for includes the ability for boys to be allowed to wear shorts in the summer,  a lesson on life skills such as how to pay taxes, bills etc, coloured hair, jewellery, split sex toilets and a longer break.

However, although the protests have been noticed, not much has been done to improve student happiness. Furthermore, some may argue that the school is meant to have these rules to maintain being respectful and smart.

Ruby Hummel a student from King Alfred’s expressed "The teachers are protesting but students can't? … Boys cant wear shorts in the summer but girls can wear skirts?" She later added "students are restricted of their right to express themselves" This gives input on what the students are really feeling.

Having a balance in freedom to express but keep respect may be a considered solution. Do you think schools should be taking action?