Sir, Brian Dunkerley, in his letter of April 26, says that Janet Morgan knows well that a full access to the A34 at Lodge Hill is a "dead duck". If it is "dead", it is because Conservatives on the county council are doing their best to kill it.

In 1999, Cllr Julie Mayhew-Archer and I (both of us then county councillors for North Abingdon) got the county council to write to the national Highways Agency asking if it would remove its previous opposition to full access to the A34 at Lodge Hill now that the inner ring road had been completed with Copenhagen Drive.

The Highways Agency replied that, "Should an acceptable scheme be identified, we would not unreasonably withhold agreement to its construction." This was encouraging.

Unfortunately, the Conservatives, who have controlled the county council since 2005, have downgraded the possibility of full access at Lodge Hill.

Liberal Democrats are pressing for the county council to give it a very high priority, as we are convinced it would make a major improvement to Abingdon traffic.

Councillor Janet Morgan Warwick Close Abingdon