Sir – The leaning wall saga in Wallingford Street, Wantage (Herald, December 2), epitomises why councils are such a financial drain on rate payers.

When I arrived in Wantage in the mid-70s, this rather low wall was already leaning over and was not deemed to be in imminent danger of collapse until the 21st century.

The sensible policy would have been to approach a couple of local builders to see what could be done in the near future at a reasonable cost.

Instead, a questionable £8,000 use of scaffolding has been in place for nearly two years and the historic wall is now doomed to be demolished at a cost of £70,000.

This will change the landscape, exposing the houses behind to view and noise from the main road.

I would suggest the worst of all possible outcomes with probably no consultation of those residents most affected by these works.

Terry Randall
Grove Street