Sir – I would not normally bother to respond to a letter such as Gordon Rogers’s (November 25) but it is such a catalogue of spin, misinformation and unsupported assertions that I really must. I’ll try to be brief.

I do not know if our climate is changing more or less than it has in five millennia and nor does he.

I do know that the records show the earth has been both much cooler and much warmer than it is now and that without human help.

His assertion that “scientific evidence from recognised sources” shows that “climate change” is largely caused by burning fossil fuels is taken from a completely discredited report from that equally suspect body the International Panel on Climate Change, which has seen highly qualified scientists resign from it in disgust at its bias and dishonest practices.

No independent science has shown any such thing and nor could it. Our climate is not driven by minute changes of a trace gas in the atmosphere but by that huge yellow thing in the sky called the sun.

Glaciers are only melting, as they always have done, only to periodically freeze again.

Sea levels are not rising and even if the entire ice content of the Arctic melted it would have no effect on sea levels. Antarctic ice is currently increasing.

Just one more, regarding wind power in Texas. He may like to know that most of us pay little or nothing for electricity during the night because little is used then.

As everywhere else, wind power in Texas is highly subsidised out of tax. 10%? What about the other 90%? What about supply when the wind doesn’t blow, or blows too much? I think hopeless is a reasonable description.

Alan Bourne
Steventon Road