Sir – With reference to a previous letter concerning a chimpanzee with a blue rosette, I would like to highlight our local Conservative MP Ed Vaizey’s recent achievements.

Last week, a host of luvvies from the arts world sycophantically congratulated him for becoming the longest-serving Arts Minster. As far as I can see he has achieved nothing much of note since in office. Instead, he has sucked up to the out-of-touch and over-subsidised arts establishment.

Mr Vaizey also has responsibility for telecom and digital matters. In my opinion, instead of fawning over figures such as Ms Emin etc his time would be better spent trying to secure thousands of families in his rural constituency a decent broadband service.

Getting more involved with everyday matters in the Vale would be good too, matters such as the proposed new reservoir, housing, infrastructure, medical facilities, schools etc. If he cannot manage to address more of local people’s concerns, I’m not sure a blue rosette will be enough to save him at the next election.

Bob Soden
Nobles Close