Sir – I greatly enjoy walking over the Abingdon weir twice a day, as the Thames path on either side of the river in that direction is one of Abingdon’s most attractive areas.

However, I disagree strongly with the view of Richard Riggs of Abingdon Hydro as stated in the Herald last week (January 20) that they have in any way improved the look of the riverbank on the proposed Hydro side of the weir.

On the contrary, they have created an unwelcome eyesore by destroying the natural habitats and trees in that area leaving waste ground which will take years to recover.

I was a supporter of the original hydro scheme but it annoys me to hear people trying to justify this apparent act of vandalism in such a high-handed way.

If Abingdon Hydro had any public relations nous they would have long since apologised for what was done and to have publicised a plan to restore the affected area. However, despite all the previous prompting, I am doubtful that this will happen.

Dr Arthur Dawkins
Bostock Road