Sir – With the ever-increasing likelihood of the EU referendum being held this year, isn’t it time that our own MP, Ed Vaizey, informed his constituents of his position regarding Britain’s future relationship with the European Union?

Should he remain silent, we could perhaps hope to take him as a man of his word and take guidance from his maiden speech to Parliament in 2005 (see, in which he passionately and proudly argues for the kind of reforms which the Prime Minister has evidently long since given up on. Mr Vaizey concludes: “We can build a new European consensus for a new age – one that looks forward, not back. We want a Europe of nation states trading freely with each other.”

It is becoming clearer that genuine and meaningful reform of the EU is unlikely and that its growth as an “artificial construct” will continue relentlessly. Will Ed Vaizey stand up and vigorously fight for the vision he once proudly pronounced in Parliament?

Lee Upcraft
Wantage Road