Sir – I was lucky enough to meet Sir Terry Wogan twice at the bookshop in the precinct [in Abingdon], where he signed two books “To the Major”.

To me, for years he represented the gentle middle that had a point of view, likes, dislikes, humour and was even a little naughty, if slightly baffled by the so-called modern world but was never extreme. The voice of the ignored middle, he spoke for many, including me.

He made me laugh, knew when I would cry or sigh, he cared, he tried, was a part of my life every day, and I felt I could call him a friend. To me, it feels as if a part of this country’s soul has died.

So one day I hope that we will meet again in a local pub for a snifter and we can have a laugh over Janet & John on a sunny day

Mark Fysh