Sir – It seems the housing association residents in Didcot are to be among the first to benefit from the Government’s new right to buy scheme.

While on the face of it, the ability to buy your own home appears to be a great opportunity, in practice the selling of subsidised housing does little to increase the housing stock.

As a resident of Headington living close to Brookes University the evidence of loss is clear. The vast majority of the council housing stock that was sold in this area under the previous right to buy scheme is now owned by private landlords and rented to students.

Those who are lucky enough to buy under this scheme will be subsidised by the Government, houses valued at about £200,000 possibly being subject as much as £80,000 in subsidies. While I am sure this is wonderful for the residents, the government does little to assist others in the area who will never be able to afford to buy.

There is no generous subsidy for those who wish to buy even the smallest of properties in this area and with further reduction in affordable rented properties what chance have the majority of ever achieving a home in any form?

Surely the Government should do more to encourage growth of housing in this sector, rather than selling off what little there is.

Carol Blackwell