Sir – What on earth are we doing, being part of this failed experiment known as the EU, attempting to homogenise the countries of Europe is like trying to amalgamate oil and water.

The original referendum was for free trade for European countries, not to lose our national identity, lose our right to make our laws, control our borders, deport foreign criminals not allowed under EU Human Rights laws.

For goodness sake, hundreds of thousands of young men and women have given their lives, so we can live as British citizens.

How long will it be before Greece and others come back with the begging bowl so they can continue their sunshine lifestyles?

The anti-austerity riots in Athens show that this issue is far from over. For heaven’s sake, lets get out of this mess while we still can, stand on our own two feet with our people and expertise as we have done successfully for hundreds of years and make our own way in the world without the millstone of Europe hanging around our necks.

I look forward to what our local MP, Mr Vaizey, has to say on this matter in or out.

If pushed, I would expect his usual answer, maybe yes, maybe no. I’m surprised our MP doesn’t change his name to Ed Maybe!!

Bob Soden
Nobles Close