Sir – The Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust has spent much money on new buildings at the Churchill Hospital but have neglected one building that is an essential infection diagnosis and recovery ward.

The John Warin ward is one of the most used wards in the county and is still in the old original building built around 1940.

Little maintenance or improvements have been made.

With more than 30 patients the staff work so hard pulling out all the stops to keep patients comfortable and well.

I recently spent five days in the ward with a tummy infection and, to my horror, when the temperature dropped, there was no heating from the numerous large old radiators lining the ward.

The small room I occupied was freezing with only a small electric convector heater. I doubt all the other patients had electric heaters. An engineer checked the radiators and declared the whole heating in the old building needed new pumps from the boilers. I was told the hospital could not afford them.

Thankfully I was discharged and was happy to get home in the warm. But several very frail and elderly patients have still to endure this neglect.

The staff all need medals for having to work in such conditions.

I bet members of the trust board would not spend a single night there when it’s freezing outside.

Adrian Taylor
Duncan Close