Sir – It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in February. I am reading the Herald, in which Dr Arthur Dawkins of Abingdon’s letter stirs up an inner angst.

Outside in my garden, I hear the A34 in the far distance and the periodic car engines driving up and down Steventon Hill. It’s only 9.30 in the morning and yet again above me, like an outbreak of tinnitus, I hear the irritating toothache sound of a buzzing light aircraft looping the loop.

Every day, for hours, or so it feels, I hear this annoying sound of aircraft engines over Steventon, Harwell and surrounding villages.

Please go away, I whisper to myself. The A34 has become a mere buzz overpowered by this relentless daily strangulation of our quiet countryside.

Does anyone have any idea how to stop it, because it’s gone on far too long?

J Brower