Sir – Didcot A power station fell victim to the anti-coal lobby in 2014. I was annoyed that it was demolished so quickly, instead of being mothballed.

The destruction looked like a “spoiler” to prevent any future government from reversing the decision.

There are two views on climate change. One is that it is caused by humans burning fossil fuels.

The other is that it is caused by natural processes over which we have no control. The second view is rarely heard about.

Although I am a former member of the Green Party, I have always been sceptical about the carbon dioxide (CO2) theory of climate change. I am a scientist and the CO2 theory looks very unconvincing to me.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, accepts the CO2 theory as fact and labels other theories as “pseudoscience”. So much for Wikipedia’s claimed “neutral point of view”.

I have started reading books on climate change and I am finding them very interesting. The more I read, the more sceptical I become about the CO2 theory. I now support the theory of the British astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn, that CO2 is insignificant as a driver of climate change and that the main driver is a variation in solar activity.

I hope that a more realistic view of climate change will be accepted by this Government, or the next, before the planned closure of Didcot B in 2023.

Rex Hora
Erleigh Court Gardens