As Liberal Party members know, MPs have no legal obligation to represent the views of their constituents, even where a majority consensus exists.

As a result, we currently live under a right wing virtual dictatorship, both at local authority and parliamentary levels. Our local environment is being degraded through ill advised planning decisions.

Consultations with the public are laughable charades. Vitally important, practical and sensible decisions needed for the ultimate benefit of the whole population are being subverted by our current government in order to support ideological consumerism and enrichment of the wealthier classes, to the detriment of the poorer and more vulnerable members of society.

Our state-funded health, social care and education services are being deliberately run down.

Ideological favouritism toward large corporations means insufficient sensible and practical solutions can be implemented on a large enough scale to mitigate the serious effects of climate change, loss of the natural environment and the ecological balance needed for the continuing health of the planet and our country.

This is the ugly face of capitalism in action and much of it is morally indefensible.

Philosophy’s golden rule of treating others as one would wish to be treated oneself appears to be absent from our government’s code of conduct.

Marion Judd
Grove Terrace
West Hagbourne