This is a reader's letter written by an Oxford United supporter which was published in yesterday's edition of the Oxford Mail.

Having seen plenty of letters sent to the Oxford Mail condemning the proposed new stadium at Frieze Way, I thought to get some balance I would write in to support it.

First of all, if this development doesn't go ahead it is the end of Oxford United Football Club.

Unfortunately, since Mr Kassam got involved with the club the writing has been on the wall.

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He saw taking over the club as a business opportunity and because he won't enter into negotiations to further the lease the club is in real peril.

Oxford United has thousands of followers; you don't get to three Wembley finals and sell out your allocation of over 30,000 tickets without a lot of people supporting them.

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Now, like any club, support increases when you do well and you have decent surroundings. 

Mr Kassam/Firoka has done nothing but the minimum to look after the Kassam and it is in a shocking state.

Unfortunately, the move to Stratfield Brake was scuppered by Kidlington Parish Council.

So on to the Triangle, a piece of unused scrubland surrounded by major roads next to a station and the park-and-ride.

Compare this to when the Ice Rink was built all those years ago.

A prime site on a recreation ground next to a picnic area on the river.

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Over the years, thousands of people - young and old - have had many hours of enjoyment there, including my children and grandchildren.

Thousands of people will get enjoyment from the new stadium when it's built.

Let's not let a few people with other agendas pretend otherwise this is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Perhaps they don't like football, or what they perceive as the archetypal football follower.

Graham North (Abingdon)


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