This is a reader's letter published in Tuesday's edition of the Oxford Mail this week. 

Now that the dust has settled on the questionable decision by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) about the viability of The Triangle for a new stadium, there is clearly lots of work to be done to determine what actual benefit there will indeed be to the local community, ignoring the rhetoric coming out from OUFC [Oxford United Football Club]. 

The only way this can be done democratically is to enable a survey for those who will be most affected by a new stadium on greenbelt land i.e. those in the OX5 and North Oxford postcodes.

OUFC, OCC and Cherwell District Council (CDC) have stated that they will elicit community involvement in any future developments but there are undoubtedly concerns about what form that community involvement will take because the original Stratfield Brake survey results were also used for the Triangle decision.

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Any new survey must be restricted to locals; and not open to OUFC supporters (other than those who are local to the potential site) because they would unbalance any results with their pro-move views.

There is a risk, of course, that any such survey could be hijacked by non-locals but there are two potential solutions.

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Either send a survey by post to all those on the electoral roll in the affected areas, or set up an online survey, the completion of which is validated by attaching visible proof of residency in the affected area such as a utility bill.

No doubt OUFC will cry 'foul' and point to their proposals for benefit to the community, but it is exactly that community who should have the final say.

Steve Fisher (Kidlington)