This is a reader's letter sent in which is not editorial opinion.

I have been having two weeks holiday over two periods in the past few years.

However, owing to Covid, parental care and medical reasons we have not been able to attend in the past few years.

I was then informed that I had to park away from my bed and breakfast accommodation, which was excellent, and park in a council car park, at my expense, as the council had introduced permit parking.

Then I find the council have doubled the parking prices.

I use to have my lunch and meal in Weymouth restaurants and cafes.

We are not rich people but my wife and myself loved coming to Weymouth and unfortunately you are stopping me coming.

Then I find 500 migrants are being housed in Portland harbour, with free buses into Weymouth.

Sorry, Weymouth I will not be coming to visit in the near future.

David Bridge, Glossop