People protest about the cruelty of keeping animals in captivity, but they seem happy enough to eat meat, keep pets and visit zoos

It’s so funny how people use different words and different actions. This topic is a very important but not important at the same time. As people often read, written and discus about climate change and cruelty on animals but “They obviously can’t change the world alone”. I was having a conversation with a friend about why I was a vegetarian, her response was yeah, I would love to be a vegetarian, but can’t leave meat! Now I have been since from ever, so I guess may be that’s a thing. After some time, the same friend had a party, and she was telling us what the arrangement of food was. She said, “I have got some vegetarian stuff for you weirdos”. Now after reading that I had a deep moment of realisation that how weird I was for not wanting to kill another speechless creature for my own good. I am very proud of being a vegetarian, but it got doubled when I saw a video where they showed how pigs are killed for its meat. You’ll be surprised they were literally putting an alive pig in hot oil. After knowing that I am never turning into a non-vegetarian.

I had another incident that might make you think about should we pet an animal or not. So, once I found a bunny on road, he was deadly shivering and looked in a shock too. It was strange how he stopped shivering when I kept him near my heart. I had to take him with me to keep him safe but soon enough I realised that it wasn’t right. The whole night I didn’t sleep as I read on google that wild bunnies shouldn’t be kept as they might not make it. I don’t know the logics behind that but whenever I heard I heard in that box it felt like he was trying to be out. Trust me every time I heard that noise, I wanted to get him out and let him go but I had no choice. The amount of anxiety I had was may be less then the pain he had obviously he could not say anything I wonder what he would have said if he could, may be “get me out of this box please”. Well, he might have said something similar. The next day he didn’t make it. It broke my heart, but I was also a little happy that he was finally free from the real torture. I really think that poor soul feared me may be and why wouldn’t he be I found him on road where cars and loud noises live everything human, and I guess I was being like them for him.

Now when I think about that it forces me to think are those creatures going to be free after death or by people? But again, what they say that the whole world wouldn’t change by one person but a little could change by one person, I guess. So may be our action could be more effective than just words.