Exams and pressure 

This is not a surprise that young life today is getting harder every day. It could mean they go through a lot of pressure too. “Exam and pressure don’t go well together but always comes together” now the question is that how we are meant to deal with it. One way to reduce our stress is to plan and organize revision beforehand. To prepare for exams, revision becomes necessary, but it is not always the case that you will be able to revise at times which could be an impact from many other things. I am not an expert on this, but I do think that to deal with a problem we need to know the reasons for the problem. There can be many factors affecting your learning and revising which comes from three separate groups schools, home and social.

All these groups have their own place in our Life which could be support or distraction sometime. They do have a strong impact on each other as well for example, an argument in your friendship group can lead you to be zoned out in your lessons which can cost a whole topic in your exams. Although these groups can give us big distraction, they can be a safe space once you know how to control them and to value them. We just need to recognize our own safe space in those groups which could mean taking a break from any toxic relationships or friendship and focusing on people who make you feel happy and safe it could be your family sometimes or may be a friend outside of your friendship group. Recognizing these factors and finding a way out of it is our first step.

You may have noticed that your mental health is playing a key role in your life so doing all these things gives you a way to also maintain your mental health. Now step two can be planning and organizing revision. Which is going to sound like a headache but really is the opposite. This almost works like a timetable which makes you more relaxed as you already know you are covering topics in little steps which just takes a huge amount of stress away. This step gives you a little relaxation from the tension of exams coming up!