EDDIE Pepperell admits one of his biggest challenges is keeping his feet on the ground after reaching new heights in the last few days.

The golfer, from Abingdon, claimed his second European Tour victory with success at the British Masters on Sunday.

He was in the spotlight for virtually the whole four days at Walton Heath, where the 27-year-old claimed a hole-in-one and led after each round.

The damp, gloomy conditions in Surrey were in total contrast to Pepperell’s maiden Tour victory, at the Qatar Masters in February.

His support was also completely different, with family and friends following his progress throughout.

While Pepperell was thrilled to receive the backing, the Frilford Heath member has a hard time taking praise on-board.

He said: “One of the biggest things I’m afraid of is complacency – when I get positive feedback I try to shut it out.

“When I have that support that can be tougher, so Qatar was easier in that respect. It wasn’t like that last weekend.

“It’s great to have that support, but as an individual it’s hard to not let if affect you.

“One beautiful thing about my family is if I get above my station, they will put you straight.”

The result ensured Pepperell’s goal of finishing the year inside the world’s top 50 is effectively achieved with a month to spare.

That ranking opens the door to a stellar 2019, where he will be eligible to play in the sport’s biggest events.

And it starts already, with the Oxfordshire star appearing in his first World Golf Championship event next week – the HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai, China.

Although it took less than eight months between his first and second wins on tour, Pepperell has been impatient to get back in the winner’s circle.

He said: “It’s come less quickly than I would have hoped.

“At Qatar I started with a new coach that week.

“Things didn’t get much better after that, but from Ireland (in July) I have taken the reins back a little bit.

“He’s understanding my swing a lot more.

“We are working really effectively and I’m putting better. That’s come together really nicely.

“I have always felt I would win plenty if my levels were good enough.

“If I can stay there I think I will win regularly. Time will tell.”