WE head for Coventry today in good spirits after last week’s dramatic final few minutes against Bradford.

I have never been involved in a finish like that and in the end everything was correct.

The winning goal was legal and the better team on the day won the match.

I think I went through every emotion possible while the officials were trying to sort everything out.

It was a little bit frustrating to have to speak to the media without being able to speak to the referee before, just for clarity.

I believe that is something they may look to change in the future.

We came back in and have trained well this week.

As you will all probably be aware, we had three very special guests on Tuesday when Joey Beauchamp, James Constable and Peter Rhoades-Brown came along to the training ground and joined in a few of the passing and shooting drills.

One of the nice things about this job is getting to know all about the legends and the history of the club.

It has been my honour to get to know all three of them a little over the past year.

Their love of the club is so obvious and I thoroughly enjoyed having them around for the day.

I think it is important for our players to know about the club’s history.

What Oxford United have achieved over the years should be celebrated and should never be a burden.

Outside my office at the Kassam Stadium is a mural that charts the great names of the past from Ron and Graham Atkinson right through to the modern day.

Joey’s picture is right outside my door and Beano is just as you go through to the playing area while Rosie is the last face the players see as they cross the white line on to the pitch.

Our current players need to know who these people are and what they did for the club.

That is why it was so good to see them treat our guests with the utmost respect on Tuesday – even if I can’t repeat the words Simon Eastwood used when Joey fired one past him and into the top corner!

I heard Joey say it was the best day he had had for years and that was fantastic.

Hopefully we will be repeating it with some more legends in the weeks to come.

Although there is plenty of hard work all week, I like it when people do things a bit differently.

Our sports scientist Chris Short brought a guitar in yesterday which meant people were picking it up and playing at various stages of the day.

Shorty is really good, as is John Mousinho – he seems to be good at most things – and James Henry knows what he is doing as well.

Jordan Graham plays piano and to complete the set our video analyst Dan Bond should, in his own mind at least, be a singing superstar.

I love my music but leave it to others to do the performing.

Hopefully the next bit of singing I hear is the fans today celebrating an important win at Coventry.