WE head for Luton this afternoon looking to end the season with a win against a team already promoted to the Championship, but trying to sign off as League One champions.

People have been asking me about ‘spoiling their party’ – but it’s not about that at all.

We are going there to win a game of football for ourselves.

Our form has been really good, so why would you take away from that by easing up for the last game of the season?

Kenilworth Road is a fantastic stadium when it is full and it will be one final chance for us to show what we can do and just fully underline the progress that I think we have made this year.

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It has been a season of resilience and I am immensely proud to have worked with some fantastic people who have looked after each other right the way through from pre-season in Ireland.

Today we will say goodbye to Shaun Derry who leaves us for a new adventure.

Shaun has such knowledge and experience and is also a terrific coach so I would like to thank him for his help this year, but I’d like to thank all of the staff because they have all played their part.

We will say farewell to a few players next week but that is the nature of the game and we met them all face to face a few days ago to talk about our plans for the summer and next season.

Sad as it will be to say goodbye, we have some exciting players lined up to come in and build on the core of a really strong squad.

Perhaps people think we finish the Luton game, have a couple of weeks off and then start planning.

In reality, we identified targets a year ago and have been monitoring them and adding players to our recruitment shortlist all season.

May I just ask for a little patience though!

I’d love to announce everyone next week, but in reality there are so many factors and so many moving parts to a transfer that it is rarely that simple.

But fans love the speculation, right?

All I can say is that we will focus on Luton, look to end with a win, and then the real hard work for next season truly begins…

I WAS invited along to May Morning on Wednesday and was amazed to see so many people there at 6am in midweek!

It’s a real Oxford event and I think it’s important to get to know the city that you represent.

The choir even sang ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ which is my wife’s favourite song!

Walking along the High Street and seeing the history all around you and that famous mix of ‘Town and Gown’ was brilliant and something I will always remember.

I went back and mentioned it to Jamie Mackie – and he told me off for not inviting him.

I think I did well – he would only have wanted to jump off Magdalen Bridge!