I WANTED to start this final page of the season with a thank you to the Oxford Mail for their help and support throughout the year.

I was asked when I took over if I would like to do a regular column for the paper and I have found it a really good way of writing a few thoughts down and keeping fans up to date.

Every football team needs its local paper and hopefully this page has kept you entertained in some way over the last 12 months or so.

We will start them again next season, but it’s time to take a break now and most of the players have already gone away on holiday.

I like to spend time with my family and will get away at some stage.

However, there is plenty of work to be done right now and I have spent the week at the training ground finishing off a few things from the season just gone and plotting and planning for next time around.

Most of you will have seen the ‘retained list’ earlier this week.

It never gets any easier, but one thing we try to do here is bring in men of character and maturity.

So when I spoke with Scott Shearer, Charlie Raglan, Fiacre Kelleher, Jon Obika and Jonte Smith they were fantastic.

I honestly wish them all the best wherever their careers take them.

In Scott’s case he will be looking for new ventures.

He is a great person to be around and I am sure he will be a success in whatever he turns his hand to now.

The training ground will certainly be a lot quieter without him!

As well as speaking to the players we talked with the whole staff and we set pretty clear objectives for the summer.

Every single department behind the scenes deserves huge praise this season.

I walked round on Wednesday and, in all honesty, every room had people drawing up plans and talking through how they are going to take things forward from July.

There were photoshoots for next season’s kit, interviews with new staff, and a general buzz of excitement about setting off on a new adventure.

All that remains is to invite you all to join us once more.

Get your season tickets and be part of Oxford United for 2019/20.

It has been an incredible week for English football on the European stage.

I thought Liverpool’s win over Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday was as dramatic as you will ever see.

And then Spurs went and topped it 24 hours later to beat Ajax!

We had our share of last minute goals this season and there is no better way to win a game.

But as a Liverpool fan I am now going to have to call in a few favours to try to get a ticket to the game aren’t I?

What a great occasion and such a boost for the game in this country to see two Premier League clubs in the final.