OXFORD United will pay their respects at Jim Smith’s funeral today.

The former U’s boss, affectionately known as the Bald Eagle, died aged 79 last month.

Several big names from across the football world are expected to attend as Smith is laid to rest.

United are shutting down their offices for the afternoon so staff can be among the congregation.

They will include head coach Karl Robinson.

The U’s boss said: “I know the stories (about Smith) will go around and maybe we can learn so many things from that and take away some moments we can use.

“It’s not something we’re looking forward to, obviously, but as a club we’ll all show our respects.”

Some of the playing squad will also be there, but Robinson has stopped short of insisting everyone has to attend.

He said: “You don’t know what people have gone through.

“Sometimes people find funerals almost impossible to deal with externally, so you have to be careful with that.”