Cholsey Bluebirds Under 7s Blue crowned their first full season with victory in the Oxford Mail Youth League Spring Trophy.

The youngsters remained unbeaten throughout the tournament, played across two weeks at Court Place Farm.

After winning their group in the first week, they marched through the knockout stages to triumph.

They ended the competition with a record of six wins and two draws to the delight of joint managers Jon Swindell and Mark Brock.

Swindell said: “We absolutely love managing these lads and it is a joy to see how much they are progressing whilst enjoying their football – and above all spending time with their mates.”

He added: “Special mentions go to incredible goals from the prolific Bobby Brock, Charlie Allum, Jude Chaffey and Zachary Robinson, with brave and acrobatic goalkeeping from Devon Hansen.

“There was solid defending from George Doughty and Noah Davis and dynamic and energetic midfield play from Liam Swindell and Daniel Crichton.”

Under 12

Winter/Spring B

Oxford Blackbirds Utd 2 (Decson Silva Cruz, Kaden Dillon), Kidlington Hawks 3 (Jacob Clarke 2, Joshua Days).


Benson Utd Yellow 2 (Oliver MacDougall, William Passey), Kidlington Falcons 11 (Louis Goodwin 4, Nathan Osei-Bempong 3, Morgan Cooper 2, Zac Donachy, Alfie Wynn).

Cholsey Bluebirds 4, Quarry Rov Min 1 (Bukunmi Maxwell).

Easington Spts Reds 0, Chesterton 2 (Panganagi Kuzanga, Ellis Morgan-Lugg).


Kingston Colts 1 (Ben Willoughby), Horspath Whites 5 (Eoin Barry 2, Cohen Brassill 2, Finlay Singleton).

Didcot Tn White 3 (Jay-Jay Ryan 2, Harry Parrot), Kennington Ath 2 (Joseph Allen 2).


Botley Boys & Girls Eagles 1 (Kai Egan), Garden City 3 (Samson Durodola, Charlie Bell, Jack Hartley).

Didcot Cas Blue 5, Ardington & Lockinge 1 (Rory Smith).


Abingdon Yellows 1, Berinsfield 4 (Leo Royall 2, Mckenzie Bell, Alfie Hawksworth).

Cumnor Min 1 (Olivia Ward), Europa Titans 5 (Matteo Walsh 3, William Walton, Jack Linsley).


Summertown Stars Eagles 2 (Seth Carlisle 2), Horspath Blues 3 (Ned Nicolson-d’Abreu 2, Max Cowling).


Crowmarsh Pumas 0, Headington Yellows 2 (Nicholas Bikaba 2).


St Edmunds 1 (Max Martin), Garsington 1.

Under 13

Winter/Spring A

Cholsey Bluebirds 3 (Jack Wilkinson, Joe Budziszewski, Tobias Edmonds), Didcot Tn Red 5 (Henry Wilkes, Layland Moreton, Jake McKeever, Ryan Sheppard, Leo Akinyemi).


Hanney 4 (Joseph Davies 2, Max Lillies, Maxwell Mbuzia), Chesterton 3 (Callum Deery 2, Kieran Matthews).

Harwell & Hendred Blue 1 (Oliver Vivian), Bullingdon 4 (Cameron Rimes 2, Daunte Khiyaza).


Horspath 0, Kidlington Rov 6 (Oscar Smith 2, Morgan Preston 2, Harry Elston, Freddie Collins).

Mansfield Rd Jun 2 (Oscar Perera, Finlay Kopp), Hinksey Pk Leopards 5 (Jean Paul Masih Gill 4, Seydina Mouhamed Diop).

Bure Pk Jun 1, Quarry Rov 8 (Luke Garrington 4, Dylan Garton, Jacob Crook, Alvin Gerald, Danielus Eluwa).


Crowmarsh 0, Didcot Cas 5 (Cai Hall 3, Kieran Colville, og).

Grove Chall 5 (Charlie Stock 2, Jake Gorman, Dylan Belcher, Blake Brown), Hinksey Park Tigers 3.

Radley 3 (Alex Greenslade, Taylor Lamb, Ali Khaled), Bletchingdon 2 (Lincoln Day, Lorenzo Meta).


Headington 2 (Theo Champion, Rhiver Shore), Bardwell 8.

Abingdon 2 (Eisa Abbasi, Liam Morris), Stonesfield Strikers 4 (Sam Strivens, Hugh Rust, Woody Cullum Birtwistle, Samuel Fiddy).


Clanfield (85) 4, Didcot Tn 2 (Harry Pitman, Theo Pettigrew).

Under 14


Westwood Wanderers Colts 0, Milton Utd 7 (Finlay Bates 4, William Allen, Jamie Farrell, Freddie Cherry).


Brackley Ath 9 (Ben Rymarz 5, Fred Webster 3, Leo Butler), Summertown Stars Cobras 3.

Crowmarsh Pumas 3, Watlington Tn 2 (Jamie Mullin, Oliver Esson).

Cold Ash Boys & Girls White 6 (James McLaren 2, Josh Luckett, David Stafford, Isaiah Williams), Cholsey Bluebirds 0.


Witney Vikings 10 (Ben Alexander 5, Harry Twiss 2, Cameron Bell, Zach Barnes, Liam Sanderson), Stonesfield Strikers 1 (Jonny Newton).


Stanford-in-the-Vale 6 (Nicholas Alder 4, Jack Tilling 2), Radley 2 (Freddie Taylor, Joshua Dutton).

Europa Titans 13 (Fabrizio Balla 4, Oscar Thilo 3, Isaac Moriarty 3, Alexander Haacke Calvo 2, Akaal-Jaap Singh Gill), Quarry Rov Dynamite 0.

Kidlington 5 (Ryan Anderson 2, Kyron Webb 2, Morgan Attrill), St Edmunds Wootton 8 (Harvey Kell 2, Luke Litton 2, Finley

Herring-Smith, Oscar Jopson, Thomas Kennedy, og).


Purley Jubilee Panthers 2 (Caeden Hutson, Valentino Clima), Didcot Tn 0.

Under 15

A league

Mansfield Road Juniors 3 (Aaron Kay 2, Riley Pledge), Kingston Colts 0.

Tower Hill Stars 2 (Ethan Phillips, Cairo Cuss), Didcot Tn 0.

C League

Oxford Irish 3 (Jack Bellinger, Moses Sadler, Edres Moqim), Bure Pk Jun 2 (Kye Stubbs, Harvey Bishop).

Stanford-in-the-Vale 3 (David Alder 3), Summertown Iron Stars 4 (Otis Koch-O’Rorke 2, Charlie Roberts, Freddie Doyle).


Aylesbury Vale Dynamos 9 (Martin Melo 3, Loui Bowman 2, Charlie Cawston, George Mills, Jozef Hatton, Tafara Dubel), Wheatley 4 (Gerald Muchechetere 2, Joshua Kinge 2).

Cholsey Bluebirds 4 (Connor McAlister, Charles Smith-Dawson, Kartel Barlow, Ben Richardson), Abingdon Green 1 (Jake Buchanan).

Spring Championship Cup

St Edmunds Wootton 1, Appleton 3 (Billy Haynes, Callum Byles, Luke Brown).

Goring Robins 1 (Michael Slingo), Quarry Rov Hammers 5 (Reece Holland-Cox 2, Nabil Boumerdassi, Anas Bouarioua, Ory Stokes).

Spring Premier


Abingdon Yellows 3 (Eugene Beard, Jamie Cording, Oscar Willmott), Didcot Cas 0.

Under 16

A League

Bampton Tn 4 (Jacob Simmonds 2, Tyler Carter, Mohammed Malik Khazir), Bardwell 3.

Didcot Cas 1 (Freddie Copping), Kingston Colts 1 (George Knee).

Kidlington 3 (William Price 2, Joseph Basham), Thame 0.

B League

Abingdon Utd Yellows 7 (Jack Smith 3, Andrew King 2, William Barrett, Ryan King), Summertown Stars Spartans 1 (Philip Marceta).

Haddenham 2 (Kieran Roadnight 2), Charlbury Tn 2.

C League

St Edmunds Royals Wootton 2 (Auryn Mclaughlin, Zac Pyniger), Cholsey Bluebirds 1 (Callum Hewstone).


Carterton 5 (Kyle Chester 3, Thomas Taylor, Mason Thomas), Didcot Tn Red 2 (Oliver Wilkes, Joshua Hedges).


Wallingford Tn 3 (Fernando Rodriguez 2, Woody

Gration-Symons), Didcot Tn White 2 (Eddie Gregory 2).

Under 17

A League

Bure Pk Jun 4 (Max Rowlinson, Samuel Ashley, Rowan Guinan, Ben Crawford), Summertown Stars Whites 2 (Daniel Liggins, og).


Combe Jun Spts 0, Easington Spts 2 (Tsering Sherpa Moore, James Leonard).

Under 21

A League

Halse Utd 3 (Ben Purnell 3), Carterton 4.

Summertown Stars U18 Eagles 6 (Alex Davis 2, Sonny McPherson 2, Tommy Bleakly, Thomas

Farrell), Summertown Stars U18 Tigers 2 (Jed Fawke, Jack McEwan).