WANTAGE Town have turned to video technology in a bid to make the most of their second chance.

A miserable Division One Central campaign, where they picked up four points from 28 games and conceded 121 goals, has been struck from the records.

The decision to expunge the results when the season was halted by coronavirus ensures they will restart once more in the Southern League.

And boss Matt Biddle has been busy during lockdown, appointing James Keller as head coach and Sean McKeon as assistant manager as four backroom staff moved on.

The main goal when football returns is to avoid a repeat of 2019/20, which will be a challenge as one of the smaller clubs in the division.

But Biddle hopes investment in a camera to film the squad in action will pay off in more than area.

He said: “Firstly, it will allow us to put clips on social media and get people engaged.

“We want to get more through the gate next season.

“But on the coaching side, the software which comes with the camera allows you to make comments.

“If players want to progress you can help them develop by showing them clips.

“Telling players is one thing, but if they’re able to see ways they can improve it’s more effective.”

He added: “If you continue doing the same stuff you will get the same results.

“If we look at the table, we were on course to get relegated, so we have been given a lifeline to stay in the league.

“We have to try something new to progress.”

While some clubs at their level publish goal clips for supporters, Biddle is hoping the Freds can gain an advantage from the performance aspect.

And there is also a hope it can be used as a recruitment tool for ambitious players, who may turn down better financial offers from elsewhere if they believe the technology can help them climb the ladder.

Biddle, who is looking for an intern to help edit the footage, said: “If I was a player I would love this because you have access to your own material and see what’s going on.

“We can’t compete with the budgets in our league, but what can we do?

“We can use the knowledge and experience of the management team.

“We are just pulling everything we can to use to our advantage.”

Exactly when the technology will be used for the first time is a matter for debate, with many expecting the start of next season to be delayed while coronavirus restrictions persist.

Biddle said: “We are trying to plan and do as much preparation as possible, but realistically we don’t know what’s going to happen.”