WHEN football returned to our TV screens in June it felt like a godsend.

Finally we could watch hours and hours of the sport we love again, especially with virtually every Premier League match broadcast live.

But I quickly got bored of games between teams I only had a passing interest in, being played inside empty grounds.

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Contrastingly, people I know who support Premier League sides could not get enough.

While this is admittedly a generalisation, the way many of them watch football had barely changed – it was still through a screen and even the crowd noise remained, albeit artificially.

But for many of us who follow lower-league football, there’s no comparison.

There’s literally nothing that can replicate going to a game – the pint in the pub with your mates, that first sight of the stadium, the roar of a goal, dissecting the action on the way home and much, much more.

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We can all agree that watching Oxford United hasn’t been the same without supporters in the ground.

While we should expect a strange atmosphere tomorrow against Hull City as the 1,000 fans adapt to a different way of attending games, it’s undoubtedly better than having no supporters at all.

It’s great to have you back.