It will be a big moment for 1,000 fans today when they can finally come back and join us for a game.

We play Hull, the league leaders, in a trial match with supporters and it’s something we have been looking forward to for such a long time.

I have to give a little bit of a warning though.

When we first started playing games behind closed doors it was a completely new experience for everyone involved.

None of us were quite sure what to expect.

The games, and bear in mind they were play-offs for a place in the Championship, had the same intensity on the pitch, but were played in a vacuum.

It was surreal and took so much away from the day.

Imagine the scenes if the ground had been full when Cameron Brannagan scored to get us to Wembley!

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We have adjusted and got used to things now after more than 20 games behind closed doors, but I think the fans coming back will find it very strange today.

Certainly don’t expect matchdays to be just as you left them.

In fact, the contrast could hardly be greater: the last time we played in front of our fans was a game at Shrewsbury where Josh Ruffels scored a late winner and there were unbelievable scenes with the supporters and players all celebrating.

Those sort of moments will happen again, but it may take time.

The news each day seems to be positive and the possibility of a vaccine before Christmas has everyone excited, but if you are coming along today then please be patient.

It is a test game for the whole club.

There were one or two teething problems with the ticketing and I am sure one or two things will need looking at after today.

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But stick with us, be patient, and most of all get behind us and we’ll do our best to leave you smiling at the final whistle – even if that smile is hidden behind a mask.

The matchday experience may have changed, but the commitment from the players will be just as great as ever; perhaps even more with fans there to support them.

I am also aware that many more of you weren’t able to join us.

I hope, wherever you are, you enjoy the game.

I noticed that there is a matchday programme being produced for today’s game and I think that’s another positive step in the right direction.

There’s a familiarity to seeing a programme at a game, isn’t there?

I used to read every word of the programme after games as a kid and I still like to read them when we get to the ground these days.

Ours is always a decent read and is just another small step forward.

The matchday experience isn’t quite complete yet – no pies, no steam coming off a cup of tea or bovril, but just a few little encouraging signs that we are gradually getting back to normality.

I don’t think the game will ever be the same, but you have to start somewhere.