After 45 games, everything boils down to just 90 minutes tomorrow lunchtime when we take on Burton Albion.

We know we have to win to stand any chance of reaching the play-offs.

People keep asking if I feel nervous. Stop asking, or you WILL make me nervous!

That may change in the build-up to kick-off, but games like this are why we all love football and we should embrace the opportunity to test ourselves under pressure.

You need to have the same motivation whatever the circumstances, but you should also look forward to the big days.

If we achieve what we want to do tomorrow then there are two more massive matches, possibly a Wembley final and then, ultimately, bigger games week after week next season than this club have played for almost 30 years!

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So seize the moment and make the most of it.

That will be the message for the players today when we train and then we’ll be staying in a hotel quite near the stadium.

That may seem strange, but we need to report to the ground for 10am due to the midday kick-off.

By staying together overnight, we make sure everyone gets the right food and drink in the morning and nobody encounters traffic problems or similar distractions.

Training has been exceptional all week.

We gave the players a couple of days off after the win at Shrewsbury, because they’re not going to gain or lose much fitness at this stage of the season.

One or two came in for rubs and treatment but most reported back on Wednesday and there has been a real intensity to training.

As I’ve said many times, we’re a very close group and I think there’s a real sense of everyone pushing themselves one more time as we strain for the finishing line.

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Other results will have a say in where we finish up, but what can we do about those matches? Nothing.

Just control the controllable and do our own jobs – to already be on 71 points is an incredible effort.

If we don’t reach the play-offs with 74 then you hold your hands up and say ‘well played’ to those that do.

I tell you what, we won’t let anyone down today – not the fans, not the staff, not our families and most importantly not ourselves.

We’ll give it everything and hopefully that’s enough.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we’re well under way with our planning for next season and I was delighted when Marcus McGuane agreed to sign for us on a permanent deal.

Marcus, as you know, has an incredible CV with Arsenal, Barcelona and Nottingham Forest as his former clubs.

People know that means he has unbelievable technique, but it doesn’t always tell you about the strength and power he possesses.

He goes past people, he creates chances for others and he reads the game so well.

We believe he’ll play a major role for us over the next few years and I think we’re already taking shape already for next season.

Jack Stevens, Simon Eastwood and Sam Long have agreed new deals and we’re pleased with internal recruitment at this stage.

We’ll continue to build for the future, no matter which division we’re in next time around…