For a long time now, people have campaigned for netball to be an Olympic sport, but without success.  

Since England won gold in the Australian Commonwealth games in 2018, many people have pushed for netball to be an Olympic Sport. In order for this to happen, the International Netball Federation (INF) needs to persuade the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that netball meets certain criteria. This criteria includes: health of the athletes, potential ticket sales, costs, popularity and global reach. The biggest struggle for netball is global reach because only around 80 countries play the sport, and this number does not include the biggest countries Russia and China. 

Many people believe the gender imbalance of netball plays a big role in it not being played at the Olympics. However, the IOC do not find that a problem and recognise it as a safe space for many women.  

It would be hugely beneficial for netball to be played at the Olympics because it raises the profile of the sport. After the Glasglow Commonwealth Games in 2014, netball participation rose in Scotland by 53%. More participation leads to more money for coaching and facilities. Also, winning an Olympic medal is many athletes' ultimate goal, so it's important that netballers get the same opportunity. 

In 2032, the Olympic games are being held in Australia so many people are hopeful that netball will be a temporary sport that year and will become permanent in future years.