What is one thing that the Great British Nation loves? YES, sport. What if I was to tell you that Australia has invited the UK Martial Arts group, Matt Fiddes over for a major kickboxing championship in 2024. Well I’m here to tell you this is true!


This January, it has been announced that Matt Fiddes Martial Arts UK has been invited to Australia, to join them for: Grading, training days and the yearly International Championships. Usually, these events take place here in the UK but next year, the Australian team has returned the favour. One large united team from England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales will be heading down under to take part in these certain events. 

Matt Fiddes is one of the most well known Martial Arts schools in the world that has been established for many years and has a whopping number of over 700 schools in the UK and worldwide. As well as having the most brilliant kickboxing classes, this company also provides other fitness lessons which range from Dance, Pilates, Performing Arts and many others.

As a student who takes part in Matt Fiddes kickboxing classes in Oxfordshire, I can honestly say that the experience I have gained from them whether it is confidence in yourself, keeping up with fitness or even to have fun, it is so incredible to get this kind of opportunity.

Members of the award-winning Martial Arts team have stated that "This will be an amazing trip as well as an opportunity", proving that this is going to be an excellent experience for all team members whether they are instructors or students of any age.

It is such an exciting event and is going to be an amazing experience for the whole team as well as being a fun opportunity for students and instructors to take part in and watch their skills grow. As one of the worlds biggest Martial Arts schools, it is such an honour to be invited and get a chance to show the Aussies what the UK is made of!