Skateboarding! It’s been popular for a long time and is now considered a sport event, featuring in the olympics, and is increasing in popularity even more. A few months ago a skatepark was built and it is still very popular today, while the appeal of something new has worn off those who genuinely enjoy skateboarding still go very often, mostly consisting of teenagers but some younger and older people also get involved. Whether to try something new or return to an old hobby.


The Skatepark was approved on the 10th of February 2021 and officially opened on the 7th of August the same year, designed for skateboarding, scooters, roller skating and bikes; it's a very versatile area that many people use daily. “It’s very good compared to other skate parks, it’s made of concrete and has a good “flow”.  It has something from everybody, it’s not full of little children on scooters, everyone is very considerate and it’s a good way to make new friends” says Henry aged 12-15. 


In the summer months when the skatepark first opened it was a bustling hive of activity with all manner of people chatting happily and enjoying the new experience with a kind community. While the winter months with their rain deterred many due to safety when it’s dry and warm people of all ages are seen skating. No significant damage has been caused to the skatepark itself; there have been a few casualties of broomsticks losing their heads. As most likely anticipated there has been some graffiti but skateparks and graffiti go hand in hand as a part of the culture, thankfully none of it is rude or too offensive. Another positive part of the skatepark is the community around it, many of the more experienced and older skaters help anyone struggling and always look after each other, as I myself have experienced while I was learning to skate. The skatepark also has its own dedicated Facebook page where the progress of the funding has been documented, it is also run by a group of young people and the community on their seems to be incredibly supportive and kind