The Oxford Times Cherwell League will still ask Kidlington to apply for re- election despite the resignation of their chairman Nick Duval, writes Ed Mezzetti.

Members clubs will vote on Kidlington’s future at the annual meeting on November 27.

The league executive proposed the vote to express serious concerns over the way Kidlington have conducted themselves in 2008 and previous seasons.

Kidlington require two thirds of member clubs to support their re-election - otherwise they face the prospect of not playing league cricket.

Duval did not wish to elaborate on his reasons for resigning after 34 years of service.

But a six-page document compiled by the Cherwell executive in support of their proposal stated there would need to be “major changes” in “structure” and “personnel” for Kidlington to become a “normal” league club.

Duval will help out with Kidlington’s junior section, but said:”I shan’t have anything to do with senior cricket from now on”.

Neil Woolerton has succeeded Duval as chairman, with John Moss as vice-chairman.

A Kidlington statement referring to their annual dinner added: “After a rousing speech a standing ovation took place for the work Nick has done for the club, and he wished the new chairman and vice chairman all the best.”

Woolerton and his committee must now convince other Cherwell clubs to keep them in the league, but he could have his work cut out.

The Cherwell executive’s document states they have been “told by two senior clubs that they are prepared to be fined and lose points rather than play against KCC next season”.

Elsewhere in the dossier is a detailed account of Kidlington’s misdemeanours in the 2008 season.

At the beginning, it states “The Executive of the CCL believe that during season 2008 Kidlington Cricket Club conducted their affairs in such a way that they brought the CCL, the Home Counties Premier Cricket League, the Oxfordshire Cricket Board, the Cockspur Cup and the game of cricket in general into disrepute.”