BANBURY United midfielder Ravi Shamsi has claimed he was racially abused during Saturday’s game at Royston Town.

A spectator was ejected from the ground after the alleged incident in the Puritans’ 1-0 defeat, with the hosts launching an investigation.

Shamsi wrote on Twitter: “Whoever the person was that thought it would be funny to look down on me just to make himself look good should be ashamed of himself.

“I hope nobody has to experience something like this at whatever level they play at.

“We play football for the love of the game, not to get abused for 90 minutes by supporters.”

A statement from Banbury read: “There is of course no place for racism in football or any part of society. It is abhorrent.”

The Puritans praised the ‘prompt action’ by officials to identify and remove the individual from the BetVictor Southern League Premier Central clash.

Royston said in a statement: “We take any such incidents extremely seriously and shall take the strongest possible action against any individual found to be behaving in such a way.”

The hosts won 1-0 thanks to an 88th-minute Matt Bateman penalty.

Puritans keeper Jack Harding had produced a string of stunning saves to keep the home side at bay, but he could do nothing about the spot-kick.