PUPILS from England and France flew their flags on a twinning visit in Didcot.

The town’s Ladygrove Park Primary School is hosting a visit from 30 French pupils aged 10 and 11, after a class from Ladygrove visited Bealieres school in Meylan, south-eastern France, in September.

Pupils from France arrived in Didcot yesterday and head home on Saturday.

Alexandra Reverbel, 10, from Meylan, said: “The school in Didcot is very big and the children are very friendly. This is a great experience, we’re very happy.”

Peter Yeates, 10, from Didcot, added: “Children from Meylan and Ladygrove can learn about different countries and cultures, and make friends at the same time.”

Ladygrove Park Primary headteacher David Burrows said: “The exchange visit is a good opportunity for both sets of pupils to improve their language skills.”

The visit was organised with the help of the Didcot-Meylan twinning association.

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