A WOMAN will take a literal leap of faith to support a charity that helped her escape domestic abuse.

Sara Robinson will plummet 13,000 feet through the air during a sponsored skydive for Women's Aid, supported by workmates who have also taken on the challenge.

The mum-of-one will jump into the clouds on Sunday to fundraise for the national charity, which helped her recover from a harmful relationship.

She said: "They offered support and gave me advice on how to make plans to escape. It was mainly verbal support over the phone.

"When it was all brought to a head, I had to deal with it sooner than I was ready to.

"I've always wanted to do a skydive and thought it would be good to raise money for the charity.

"I also want to raise awareness because it's a really important charity that does great work, but gets forgotten about.

"They do a lot more than what I [personally] needed."

The South Abingdon resident has been open with colleagues and friends about the mental and physical abuse she suffered for several years, at the hands of an ex partner.

Five workmates from Critchleys accountants in Oxford, where she works in administration, have agreed to skydive with her to show their continued support.

The 42-year-old said: "Work were really supportive through my stressful time.

"We have already raised about £2,000 through our online page and about £500 offline, which is really great."

Miss Robinson is keen to carry out her skydive despite her worried mum and teenage daughter trying to talk her out of it.

She said: "I spoke to my mum a little while ago about it and she said 'please don't do it'. I've told them it will be fine.

"I was really scared about it last week but I think now I'm just excited."

Her daughter will be waiting to hear that it all went to plan, but cannot quite bring herself to watch the dive as it happens in Northamptonshire.

Miss Robinson advised anyone enduring domestic abuse to reach out for help, whether through Women's Aid or another support network.

She said: "Just phone and talk to them. There is always someone that can help - when you think there is not a way out, there is."

To donate to her team's fundraising page, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/Sara-Robinson15.

For more information about dealing with domestic abuse visit womensaid.org.uk.