A charity that takes disabled children and adults river boating is hoping the Oxfordshire Jubilee Fund will help more groups enjoy the Thames.

The Rivertime Boat Trust was the brainchild of husband and wife team Simon and Pat Davis.

In the last three years the charity has used its specially built, 42-foot boat, to take 6,000 people on trips from Oxfordshire to Windsor.

The Jubilee Fund for Oxfordshire, launched in January, marks the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year and aims to raise millions of pounds to support small community groups and charities throughout Oxfordshire, like the Rivertime Boat Trust.

Mr Davis, 74, said: “After 20 years in the boating business, Pat and I sold our fleet of boats to Hobbs of Henley. But we wanted to do something worthwhile and Pat decided we would build a boat for disabled children.

“We knew there was a huge problem on the river, in that people with disabilities simply could not use most of the boats. So we started the charity, raised £165,000 and had the Rivertime specially designed and built.”

The spacious craft carries 12 people and is equipped with a ramp and a lift for wheelchairs.

Mr Davis added: “The Jubilee Fund is a wonderful idea and we would be thrilled to receive a donation. But we would ask the fund to give money direct to groups so they can enjoy our trips.”

To get involved email: jubilee@oxfordshire.org, call 01865 798666, or drop into OCF’s offices at 3 Woodins Way, Oxford.

Alternatively, donate by phone by texting JBLE 12 to 70070 with a donation.

To apply for Jubilee Fund cash, visit oxfordshire.org For details on the Rivertime Boat Trust visit www.rivertimeboattrust.org.uk