ENSAR Gol’s decision to put his victims’ friends and family through more hurt by subjecting them to a trial was last night condemned by police.

Survivor Casey Wilson was joined by the families of Michala Gol and Julie Sahin in the public gallery as the seven-day hearing unfolded at Oxford Crown Court.

They listened in silence to Gol’s claims he acted in self-defence, reacting only with cries of “yes” as the guilty verdicts were delivered.

Det Chief Insp Joe Kidman, who led the investigation, said: “Despite the numerous wounds to both Julie and Michala, and comments he made in person and on Facebook in clear contemplation of killing them, Gol attempted to claim that he acted in self-defence.

“In trying to evade responsibility for his crimes, Ensar Gol sought to attack the character of the two women he had murdered. This has only added to the terrible ordeal of the family, who have attended each day and listened to all the evidence. Despite their anguish they have shown great dignity throughout.

“Gol sought to accuse Casey Wilson, who was lucky to escape with her life, and Mehmet Sahin, the bereaved husband of Julie, of lying.

“Both bereaved and victim were subject to uncompromising questioning by the defence.

“Despite this, they showed great courage and composure in giving evidence to the court and this verdict strongly vindicates these two brave individuals.”

Mr Kidman also praised the actions of the emergency services who arrived at the “horrific scene”.