IT might not have been the most up-to-date ride, but two girls certainly turned heads when they drove up to their prom.

Icknield Community College pupils Amy Fleming and Lauren Summer arrived in a Model T Ford to their prom at the Oxford Spires Hotel last week.

They enjoyed a night of music, food and dancing alongside fellow students leaving school on Friday.

Lauren, 16, said: “It was a bit of a last minute thing, but we wanted to be different. It was a bit windy but good fun.”

Megan Giles, 16, arrived with friends in a slightly more modern vehicle – a white Hummer.

She said: “It was a really good night. The teachers handed out awards for the best hair and things like the funniest boy and girl.”

Miss Giles, who now plans to go to college for a business qualification, added: “It is nice to have left school, I think we all feel more independent.”

Shannon Edwards, 16, added: “It is good to have left, a bit boring though with nothing to do.

“Getting to ride in the Hummer was amazing, it was such a good night.”

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