THE X2 bus service which runs from Oxford to Abingdon and Didcot is switching operators.

From Sunday, responsibility for the service is changing from Oxford Bus Company to sister company Thames Travel.

Operators say the switch makes sense as Thames Travel’s Wallingford depot is closer to most places on the X2 route and will be better placed to deal with any problems.

And they are pledging that the service for passengers will not be affected Phil Southall, operations director for Oxford Bus Company, said: “Apart from the different bus livery, we hope passengers won’t notice any difference to the service.

“Thames Travel will be using exactly the same timetable and all existing fares will remain the same.

“Thames Travel already operates other services in the X2 area, and it makes sense for passengers, as well as the operator, for Thames Travel to run the X2.

“The Wallingford depot is closer to most places on the route and if there are problems with traffic hold-ups, we can put things right much more quickly.”

Mr Southall said existing fares would be unchanged, with some new deals on offer.