A TRUCK Festival-goer whose tickets were sold on by the organisers has won a full refund.

Beth Luscombe was given her money back this month after negotiation on her behalf by a friend, Shane Govern, who works in consumer rights.

Mr Govern, commercial manager for a construction firm, took the festival team on in June but said it was only when he threatened court action the organisers agreed to a refund.

In a final email to Mr Govern, a member of the ticketing team said: "I have been informed of the whole situation by my manager who has informed me that this has been escalated with our event management team and the director of the festival.

"They have agreed to offer Beth a full refund on the booking, which has now been refunded back onto the card used to make payment."

The member of staff also apologised for 'any inconvenience caused'.

Miss Luscombe, 18, from Benson, had been paying for her ticket via a monthly direct debit and shelled out more than £90 in total.

But the week before the festival, in July, when she called to ask where her tickets were, the company said it had been unable to take the final payment.

She said she then spent £30 on one phone call to the company for which she was on hold for 20 minutes and had a 30-second conversation with a member of staff.

The festival told this paper it tried to take the final payment but the attempt was declined by Miss Luscombe's bank.

The festival, held each year at Hill Farm, Steventon, also said it emailed Miss Luscombe tell her the payment had failed and tried to call her, but Miss Luscombe said her bank was never able to explain why the payment was not taken, and that she was not contacted about the failed payment by Truck.

She ended up driving from her home to the other side of Oxford the day before the festival to pay £150 for a replacement ticket.

Miss Luscombe said she was glad to get her money back, but disappointed the company had still not refunded the £30 she spent on the phone call.

She added: "It's out-of-order really, I was on hold for 20 minutes then on the phone for 30 seconds.

"I won't be going to Truck Festival again – I just can't be bothered with them."

Another Trucker, Louise Carr, who said she had the exact same experience while paying for two tickets via direct debit, said she had not received a refund.

In a statement at the time, the festival said it had a policy that tickets would be 'released with no refunds if any payment is missed'.

Festival owners Global did not respond to a request for comment on this story.