IT is one thing to receive a card from the Queen on your 105th birthday, but is another to have the Salvation Army band play for you.

Doris Kitchen was delighted to be surprised by band members as they celebrated her special day with her family at Winterbrook Nursing Home in Wallingford on Sunday.

Her granddaughter, Linda Adams, said it was the perfect celebration for ‘the kindest lady you ever met.’

The 54-year-old, who lives in Bicester, added: “The Salvation Army and her family are the two most important things in her life, so this could not be better for her.”

It is believed that Mrs Kitchen’s signature is the first on the Salvation Army roll call in Oxford.

The great-grandmother, whose birthday was on Wednesday, November 1, volunteered at one of the charity’s shops until her 90s.

She used to work at Bennett and Sons Laundry in St Ebbe’s.

Mrs Adams added: “It is absolutely amazing that we have so many generations of our family who know and love her. Family means everything.”