DAVID Cameron's supporters in Witney constituency have said they want their former MP 'back in public life'.

Locals told BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House, aired this morning, that he was a good leader and was notably missed in the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The show's host, Paddy O'Connell, visited Witney yesterday after the Weekend FT published a rare interview with the former Prime Minister since he left office.

Among the residents Mr O'Connell spoke to was Oxfordshire County Councillor and long-term Cameron support Liam Walker, who he met in the Huffkins tea room on Witney High Street.

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Witney Conservative Liam Walker campaigns for Remain in the run-up to the EU referendum.

Mr Walker, who organises Witney's Armed Forces Day event each year, revealed that he was so upset when David Cameron announced his resignation following the EU referendum result that he 'broke down'.

He told Paddy O'Connell: "I was bitterly disappointed, and you could hear it in his voice how disappointed he was.

I broke down I got quite upset about it a because of the surprise but b because I'd followed this guy over a decade."

Herald Series:

Asked if he wanted to see Mr Cameron back in public life, Mr Walker said: "Yes, if he listened to me I would absolutely say get back to frontline politics.

"The remain side of the argument is lacking that intellect... we definitely need that steady hand but I guess that he probably doesn't want to be stepping on Theresa May's toes."

Having said that, he added: "I would guess he probably helps and guides her on a personal level."

Another Witney resident who Mr O'Connell approached on the street, when asked if she would like to see the former Witney MP back in public life, replied: "Yes I think he was a good leader."

But of course, not everyone in Witney was so enthusiastic.

One man whom Mr O'Connell asked the same question to, replied curtly: "Not particularly no. I think he dropped Britain right in the middle of catastrophe to be honest."