A COUPLE of Christmas clowns shattered the silence when they brought the carnival spirit to a village library.

Rob Gathercole and Kate Spencer are starting in the upcoming production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King at Didcot Cornerstone, but on Thursday they took their accordion to entertain children and parents at Grove Library.

Dressed in their colourful costumes, the two actors entertained children with storytelling rhymes, setting the scene for the rest of the show.

Library manager Kathryn Leech said her regulars were delighted with the surprise show.

She said: "We were very happy to have them. They were still rehearsing for the show and were keen to practice their lines with children to help perfect them.

"They also played the accordion and showed the children special actions to a song about the Mouse King. They also helped the children with a Nutcracker colouring competition.

"It was a lovely way to preview the family show, and has started off Christmas at Grove Library really well."

The show opens on Friday. For more information call 01235 515144