A GIANT bounce park is coming to multiple places across Oxfordshire this month.

The Bounce Park is a portable inflatable park measuring 4,762 square foot with 12 different inflatable activites.

Up to 100 people, including adults and children, can be on the inflatable park at once.

Let’s take a look inside…

The Drop

Herald Series: The DropThe Drop

The base jump measures over 5m tall and is "not for the faint hearted". 

The Wall

Herald Series: The WallThe Wall

This is a four-sided mountain to make climbers feel “on top of the world”.

The Wrecker

Herald Series: The WreckerThe Wrecker

This is game of balance and skill to knock friends over and "become champion".

The Grabber

Herald Series: The Grabber The Grabber

This game is the human-sized version of Hungry Hippos.

The Tower

Herald Series: The TowerThe Tower

This is 6m tall and the only way down once you've climbed up is into...

The Pit

Herald Series: The PitThe Pit

This area is "not your normal ball pit" and instead has giant balls, hoops and a goal. 

The Wave

Herald Series: The WaveThe Wave

Powered with air "The Wave" is designed to help people test their jumping skills.

The Jungle

Herald Series: The JungleThe Jungle

This is a space for chidren aged five and under. 

The Pendulum

Herald Series: The PendulumThe Pendulum

This is for people to test their balance across a tightrope before swinging balls knock them off. It is the first part of the park's obstacle run.

The Twist

Herald Series: The TwistThe Twist

This is the second part of the obstacle run design to get people diving through the twist shape.

The Bash

Herald Series: The BashThe Bash

This is the third part of the obstacle run design to get people "bashing" through the obstacles.

The Dual

Herald Series: The DualThe Dual

"The Dual" has two slides and is the last part of the obstacle run measuring over 5m tall.

Herald Series: The entire inflatable bounce parkThe entire inflatable bounce park

The Bounce Park was founded by Gareth Tucker this year and will be launching for the first time this month. A second inflatable park is already in design.

The inflatable fun park will be at Willowbrook Leisure Centre in Didcot from Saturday April 15 to Sunday, April 17, Wallingford School on Sunday, May 8 from 9am to 7.30pm and North Oxfordshire Academy in Banbury from Saturday, May 28 to Monday, May 30.

Tickets cost £11.95 per person per session. For more information, or for tickets, visit: www.thebouncepark.com

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